First Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (“First FHC”) was incorporated on January 2, 2003 with First Commercial Bank, Ltd. (“First Bank”) as its flagship entity. It is listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the stock code 2892.。

With the historical groundwork well laid by First Bank, First FHC further diversified its business portfolio into securities trading, property and casualty insurance and asset management on July 31, 2003, by acquiring First Taisec Securities Co., Ltd., Mingtai Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. and National Investment Trust Co., Ltd. On July 28, 2003, it successfully raised the equivalent of NT$17.3 billion via a global depository receipt program, the first ever issued by a Taiwanese financial institution, which significantly shored up capital bases of the group and its subsidiaries. From May through September of 2004, in its second round of penetrating into new markets to deliver full product range and high quality services, First FHC established First Financial Asset Management Co., Ltd., First Venture Capital Co., Ltd., First Financial Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and First P&C Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.

In 2005, First FHC outlined new strategies to prepare for leadership in the local and regional financial markets. It identified its banking channels as one common platform from which to share resources, leverage financial capabilities and provide clients with a comprehensive suite of products and services. In September 2005, First FHC concluded the sale of its P&C unit, Mingtai Fire & Marine Insurance Co., to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. In April 2006, the corporate structure of banking subsidiary, First Bank, was successfully re-organized.

First FHC, in an aim to capture growth in wealth management, expand product offerings, retain clients and address personal retirement planning needs, sought to form a 51:49 joint-venture life insurance with U.K’s largest insurer Aviva. Due to strategic decision of Aviva group, on January 19, 2018, First FHC took over Aviva’s entire 49% shareholding in joint venture life insurance, which makes it a fully-owned sub of First FHC.

In order to solidify group image, raise popular awareness of its subsidiaries and promote employee loyalty, First FHC rebranded subsidiaries First Taisec Securities Co., Ltd., National Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd. and First Taisec Capital Management Co., Ltd. under the names “First Securities”, “First Securities Investment Trust” and “First Capital Management” on December 31, 2008. And in September of 2009, First-Aviva’s Chinese brand was successfully renamed.

First FHC focuses on resource deployment in emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region and assisting its subsidiaries to expand overseas businesses. In order to increase its operation scale, First FHC successfully completed the rights issues of 800 million and 1.6 billion new shares in 2011 and 2015, raised capital by NT$16.40 billion and 23.52 billion, respectively. The proceeds was then injected into its subsidiaries, including the bank and the venture capital company, to augment and strengthen their working capital and capital structure, and to assist them in their long term business developments.

First FHC continues its expansionary strategies of “West-bound to China, South-bound to ASEAN” initiative via setting up branch network or mergers and acquisitions, streamlined with the complementary services of securities broker, investment trust, venture capital, and leasing, to build up an integrated financial platform that strengthen our localized presences in China and ASEAN in a bid to broaden the business scale and enhance profitability.

The China operation delivered with strengthened results thanks to the collaboration across the banking branch in Shanghai, leasing units in Suzhou and Chengdu and group companies based in Taiwan. A new leasing unit in Xiamen has been launched in the second quarter of 2014, followed by a banking branch in Chengdu and a sub-branch in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone in the third quarter of 2014. Furthermore, a new branch in Xiamen has been launched in the second quarter of 2015. In the future, First FHC will speed up the expansion in branch and sub-branch with leasing and achieve progressively the financial network in China.

In the ASEAN region, with existing bank-branches and rep-offices in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Manila, Bangkok and Yongon, the number of presences located in ASEAN has been up to 15 and further enhance First FHC’s regional coverage and march toward the goal of becoming a regional financial player in Asia.

In 2016, to further consolidate First Financial’s resources, First P&C Insurance Agency was dissolved on July 1 and is still under legal procedure, and First Insurance Agency was merged into First Bank as a newly established Insurance Agency Division on July 1.

Riding on the tide of Fintech, First FHC will enhance our IT infrastructure while addressing the superior advantages of new service model that integrate physical and virtual channels. Upon migration to digital and mobile technology, the compact model of existing branches and virtual channels will upgrade the quality of services and marketability which creates a seamless experience for customers. It helps position us as a leading financial player that leverages technology to connect people and facilitate financial services.

Sticking to the commitment of “Customer First, Service Foremost”, First FHC will take proactive and innovative approach to the development and management of new markets, new customers and new models which ensure quality services and upgraded performance. With over five million clientele base and long-lasting relationships, First FHC shall endeavor to create sustainable long-term value for clients, shareholders and employees, aiming at transforming into a benchmark niche player with regional and digital capabilities, as well as satisfactory workers.

Vision & Goal

Our short-term target is to be the leading financial group in Taiwan, whereas our mid-term and long-term visions are to become the symbolic niche player and regional financial group in pan-Asia area. Setout below are benchmarks for achieving our well-defined goals.

We shall make endeavors to upgrade the efficiency of joint marketing and capital management via resource sharing group wide. The approach of M&A and business alliance will be applied to tap niche market, as well as talent development, and synergy enhancement, persistently satisfy client’s demands and boost shareholders’ value.