Confidentiality Statement

First Group protects the confidentiality of customer information in accordance with the Financial Holding Company Law, Self-Regulation for Financial Holding Company and its Subsidiaries, Computer Processed Data Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

  • Information Collection

    First Group receives client information from its subsidiaries. While some of the information is gathered from customers via in-person visit, phone, e-mail, internet, other service or activity, public and lawful channels.

  • Information Storage and Safekeeping

    Pursuant to relevant operating procedure, First Group stores customer information in database protected with a variety of access control after obtaining the data. Only authorized employees are allowed to use customer information for stipulated business objectives. Employees without authorization will be denied any access to the information.

  • Information Security and Protection

    First Group uses information security technology to transmit and encrypt information. To protect customer information from illegal access and usage, a firewall is set to prevent third-party intrusion or unauthorized insider access.

  • Information Classification and Utilization

    Customer information refers to the following customer personal data: basic, transactional and other relevant information. Based on various business needs, First Group adds and deletes the aforementioned categories and contents as follows:

    • Basic information: name, birth date, ID number, phone number, address, etc.
    • Transactional and other relevant information:
      • Account information: account or similar numbers, credit card, savings account, trading account, savings and loans information, and other transactional and financial status information, etc.
      • Credit information: records of un-honored checks, record of check cancellations or refusals and status of business operations, etc.
      • Investment information: target, amount and time period of investment or sales, etc.
      • Insurance information: insurance policy categories, time period, coverage amount and payment methods, etc.
  • Purpose of Using Customer Information

    According to the Self-Regulation for First Group, in the case of any joint marketing activities between its subsidiaries, unless otherwise permitted by law or agreed in writing or in an agreement by customers, First Group will provide names and addresses of customers only without any other information if any customer personal data is referred, disclosed, exchanged or used.

    Confidentiality agreements are required to protect the secrecy of customer information, to restrict the use of information, and to preclude any further disclosure of the information when First Group entrusts third-party service providers to provide operational services (such as to send withholding statements and bill payments).

  • Customer Information Change

    Any change or correction of clients’ personal information can be made through our service centers if needed. After First Group verify needed identification, personal data will be updated accordingly.

  • Opt-out of Personal Information

    At any time, clients can request First Group to remove names from the joint-marketing-list by means of phone, fax, e-mail, or other channels provided.

    To protect customer privacy, First Group will be responsive to the dynamic environments, changing laws and advanced technology to amend the statement correspondingly. Any amendment will also be announced publicly as soon as available.

  • Subsidiaries Sharing Customer Information

    • First Commercial Bank
    • First Securities Inc.
    • First Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
    • First Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • First Financial Assets Management Co., Ltd.
    • First Financial Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
    • First Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
    • FCB Leasing Co., Ltd.